April, 2014

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Telling fortunes in information security?


I’m actually in London to attend BSidesLondon and InfoSecurity Europe. I had the great opportunity to write a guest blog article for the InfoSecurity blog. My article has been published here. Happy reading!

Introduction to Social Engineering

Social Engineering Banner

Some very motivated IT Students from the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels organized today (and tonight) an event around information security called EHackB2014 with online games, demos and workshops around security. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Bert Van Rillaer, the professor helping students to organize the event as a keynote speaker.

Instead of speaking “bits & bytes“, I decided to present some facts about human hacking or “social engineering“. Indeedn, why spend huge amount of time to break into a system, if it can be accomplished by “abusing” a human? XKCD has a wonderful example about this:¬†xkcd.com/538.

My slides are available on slideshare.net:

It was a nice experience. Lot of students attended my keynote. I also got interesting questions about jobs in information security. Good to see that some fresh blood will jump on the bandwagon in the coming years.

I would like to congratulate the organizers for the warm welcome, the excellent organization! Good job for a first shot!