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Offensive VS. Defensive Security


Protecting yourself against the attacker can be achieved at multiple levels. Often we speak about “offensive” VS. “defensive” security. Defensive security gives more focus on methods to protect your assets while offensive security is more acting like bad guys to attack stuffs. Young people working in information security like to do offensive security: it’s fun and we are all bad guys in our deepest self (be honest)!┬áBut doing defensive security is also very interesting. Keep in mind the sentence “Know your enemy!“. Good incident handlers have to know how to break things before protecting them. My opinion is to have a mix of both. Performing a pentest against a website could reveal some important vulnerabilities but adding an audit to check what types of controls are in place on the back stage will add more value to the project.


Feeling Safe?

Cracked Security Window

Today, nobody or no organization may feel safe. That’s why I decided to make a “big jump” and to start my own company as a complementary activity. My goal will be to help you to defend yourself and your assets against the multiple threats brought by the Internet and networks. Feel free to contact me for more info!